The Electrical & Plumbing Store

As the largest showroom of its kind in Ottawa, EP Store – The Electrical & Plumbing Store not only meets all your lighting, plumbing and bathroom reno needs, it’s home to industry experts with know-how you can count on. To inform its target markets and to raise this local company’s profile, we’ve supplied a complete spectrum of marketing services, from planning and budgeting to concepts and execution.

TV Commercials

For EP Store, we’ve provided concepts, scripts, on-location shoots, directing and editing for TV commercials. We’ve also negotiated with BELL Media for the best schedule and rates using our buying power.


We run all EP Store’s digital marketing, including SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns, Social Media and Reputation Management. We’re helping EP Store take its online presence to the next level.


We design EP Store’s print ads for maximum, targeted impact, and select ideal placement in our market-specific publications.


We’ve booked, planned and produced EP Store’s billboard campaigns, including all creative work and placement negotiation.

Van Wrap

We’ve Designed EP Stores Cube Van to maximise there advertising potential even on the road.